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Pelvic health & general physio


Meet our Physios

“Revolve: to move in a circular orbit around; to treat as the most important element”

Established in 2021, Revolve Physiotherapy in Cairns is a Pevlic Health and General physio clinic which operates as an evidence based practice providing the highest quality physio care for men and women.

Our local physio’s are committed to life-long learning and professional development, to ensure that they keep up to date with the latest research and treatments.


Why We Do What We Do

It is the definition of the word “revolve” that drives our vision and philosophy at Revolve Physiotherapy. From the moment that you step through the front door, YOU become the main focus of our attention; the most important element. From the warm greeting you receive from reception staff, to the entire consult with your physiotherapist, you are in complete control of your treatment. We aim to work with you and empower you to make decisions that enable you to reach the goals and outcomes that you desire.


Amelia Godfrey

Senior Physiotherapist/Pelvic Health

After graduating in 2017 from University of Queensland with first class honours, Amelia started her career in public hospitals in Tasmania and Brisbane.


Amelia has a special interest in women’s and men’s pelvic health and gained invaluable experience at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. She finds it incredibly rewarding when working with women pre- and postnatally, whether they require physiotherapy for muscular or joint pain, pelvic floor dysfunction or continence issues. She enjoys helping both women and men with bladder and bowel dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, or pre and post gynaecological or prostate surgery. Amelia has also completed further training to help women with preparing their bodies and pelvic floor for birth.


Outside of pelvic health, Amelia enjoys working with patients with acute injuries or pre/post surgery. She finds guiding patients through the stages of rehabilitation and helping them achieve their functional or sporting goals particularly rewarding. She also loves treating babies experiencing postural head, neck and foot conditions. On the other end of the spectrum, she enjoys helping elderly or individuals with disability in need of a balance or reconditioning programme.


Outside of work she enjoys living an active lifestyle by fitting in exercise into her week, whether it’s hitting the gym or cycling to work. Otherwise, she enjoys a good cappuccino, diving and snorkelling, sculpting, playing guitar, and of course – travelling.

Relika Jaansoo

Senior Physiotherapist/Pelvic Health

Relika obtained her Physiotherapy degree in Estonia in 2011 and relocated to Cairns shortly after. After navigating her way through the aged care and hospital systems, she found her passion in musculoskeletal private practice work.

Relika is a pelvic health, neck and vestibular physiotherapist with a particularly keen interest in treating vestibular conditions (everything to do with dizziness and vertigo), headaches and migraines, jaw conditions (TMJ) and shoulders.

She has done numerous professional development courses focusing on pelvic health, and is able to treat all women’s health conditions, including but not limited to incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic girdle pain, post-natal care and pelvic pain making her a women’s pelvic health physiotherapist.

As Relika has danced throughout her life, ranging from rhythmic gymnastics and hip-hip to Latin styles, she has a good understanding of the physical challenges and injuries which dancers can face.

During her free time Relika is chasing after her toddler, spending time either traveling or off-grid in the bush.

Eimear Kilgarriff


Eimear earned her Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Limerick in Ireland. She has worked extensively in the hospital system and as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in both private and public practice in Ireland and as a clinical Pilates instructor, having qualified with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. She has worked in private practice and as a Pilates instructor in New Zealand and Melbourne.

She has a special interest in biomechanics and her background in engineering and

architecture uniquely enhances her ability to assess loading patterns and movement mechanics. She also has a special interest in hypermobile conditions and is an actice member of the HEDS (Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) Society.

In her spare time, Eimear enjoys yoga, cycling and running, preferably in the great outdoors

Amanda Hardy

Director/Senior Physiotherapist

After studying at La Trobe University and beginning her career in Melbourne, Amanda headed north to Airlie Beach where she lived and worked for 2 years. Following an 8-month trip around Australia, she settled in Cairns where she has been working since 2020.

Amanda has a keen interest in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. In her younger years, Amanda played netball at a high level, so understands the need to keep your body functioning at high level, the demands of regular training and games, and how much injury can effect this. She particularly enjoys treating hip and knee pain and helping people return to sport and gym.

Amanda has always had a passion for Pelvic Health and Continence, and she began her post graduate studies by completing a Graduate Certificate in Exercise and Women’s Health at Melbourne University in 2017. Amanda also completed her Masters in Physiotherapy, majoring in Continence and Pelvic Health at Curtin University.

Amanda treats all areas of women’s and men’s pelvic health, however, she has a particular interest in post-natal care, prolapse management and pelvic pain. Amanda has a whole-body approach to treatment and is always looking for the root cause of the problem, which isn’t always where pain is felt.

Outside of work, Amanda likes getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, water-skiing, good food and wine, and spending time with her husband and dog Maggie.


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